In which 7 oil gas stations can bulk kerosene be purchased for distribution?

In the four major cities of Taiwan Island, "New Bei (Sanchong District, Xindian District)", "Taipei City (Shilin District, Neihu District)", "Taoyuan (Pingzhen District, Kameyama District)" and "Taizhong (Fengyuan District)", a total of six direct petrol filling stations (CNOOC) were launched to sell bulk kerosene, allowing people to buy it at a cheaper price.

The historical origin of Taiwan's unique weight unit "Taiwan Jin"

The bloody repression adopted by the Japanese Army in the early days and the forced education of the Japanese emperor in the later period caused the local people of Taiwan to be more and more full of Japanese habits after the restoration of the country.Taiwan's traditional market, tea industry is commonly used in the "Taiwan Jin" is from the Japanese militarism after the flow of a paradigm to date.

Help his father transfer mobile phone data, unexpectedly in the photo found to make him heartbroken tears of the truth

A user on YouTube, Butterworks, recently shared a 5-minute short film describing the fact that he accidentally found a heartbreaking cry in many photos as he helped his father transfer data from his old phone.

From the historical celebrities of the great Qing Dynasty to think about what is the definition of a successful person?

Today's question contains a very interesting article, the author lists such as the following two Qing Dynasty famous figures list, then then to ask a question, how many people do you know on these two lists?