Golden Gate African swine fever incident, Maitreya Bear: "Chinese fishing boat loaded pig carcasses into the Golden Gate sea to discard"

Network Red Man Maitreya bear on the face of the Golden Gate Beach from the mainland to be tested out of the African swine fever dead pig incident, put forward his personal opinion: "Yes ~ china you are too cheap ~ Pig production and Marketing class chief Lin Zhangxun pointed out, pig farmers know that the dead pig soaked in the water a day of swelling, the dead pig found in the Golden Gate Beach is It is clear that the Chinese fishing boat carried the pig carcasses to the Kinmen sea to discard."(original)

My views on the detention of Wang Bingzhong, Hohanting by the Bureau of Investigation with the National Security Law

Today's most shocking news, absolutely the new party's Wang Bingzhong, six o'clock in the morning suddenly broadcast live, there are a large number of police and Bureau of Investigation personnel to want to take Wang Bingzhong from the home.This situation and the Kuomintang during the period of martial law in order to fight the common bandits of the matter is really 87 points.