Global Route Intelligence 2019.01.15 (nationality aviation, cheap aviation)

January 15, 2019, the global airline's latest travel route intelligence, including ✈️ Air France, Qantas, Philippine Airlines, Asia Airlines, Moroccan Alabia Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Portuguese Airlines, Finnair, WOW Air and other airlines.

How many mop does a family of four have to bring to Macau for 4 days and 3 nights?

A family of four travelling to the Macao Special Administrative Region (MACAU), not counting the money for gambling, carrying 10,000 mop is almost more than enough.According to the current mop exchange rate, it is almost 38201 yuan, the average one spent about 9550 yuan.

Inbound Epidemic Prevention!Simple classification of animal and plant product control


Swine Fever epidemic prevention customs clearance strict check, dry flowers, tea, dry flower tea can bring into the country?

Today's travel @issue issue is about "swine fever outbreak epidemic prevention Customs clearance strict inspection, overseas drying flowers, tea, processing chrysanthemum tea can be carried into the country?"」