My views on the detention of Wang Bingzhong, Hohanting by the Bureau of Investigation with the National Security Law

Black question mark 01 My views on the detention of Wang Bingzhong, Hohanting by the Bureau of Investigation with the National Security Law

Today's most shocking news, absolutely the new party's Wang Bingzhong, six o'clock in the morning suddenly broadcast live, there are a large number of police and Bureau of Investigation personnel to want to take Wang Bingzhong from the home.This situation and the Kuomintang during the period of martial law in order to fight the common bandits of the matter is really 87 points.

No, at least that year the national government was to avoid Taiwan being violated by the Communist Party, which is called external enemy; today, Tsai's government is trying to consolidate the regime, which is only internal yin.

Li Mingzhe, he ran to the mainland to preach democracy, only to be caught by the Communist Party.

Wang Bingzhong, in Taiwan … Well, I don't know what he can do yet, only to be taken away by the Bureau of Investigation.

Even Wang Bingzhong's dad took it with him!?Is this going to open two small rooms for a father and son spy?

The cross-strait is really a pro, this kind of poor political persecution hands are so similar, do not know who actually learned who.

This time, Tsai Ing-wen's government used the state secret protection law to catch Wang Bingzhong and others, and according to the provisions of the State Secrets Protection Law, "Wang Bingzhong case" criminal Procedure once launched, from the investigation can maintain a secret investigation, even if the formal prosecution to enter the trial stage, it can also be taken in secret way.

On the other hand, the Li Mingzhe case in the mainland trial has not been so secret (confessed), million did not expect to call itself the democratic rule of law of Taiwan, unexpectedly a check gate can be evaporated from this!

The ancient Yue Fei was connected to 12 gold medals, today there are three tickets to the Bing Tadanori, but Yue Fei is anti-gold to the court someone eye-catching, Wang Bingzhong is an opposition party, but also inside the small curry role, this level can violate the national security Law in the crime of enmity, I am also drunk.

Perhaps Wang Bingzhong was the first person to be arrested for the "pro-bandits" incident since martial law, oh, no, because everyone later found out that the original Hohanting and other new party two young people were also taken from home by the same hand.

In fact, the DPP really wants to deal with the Kuomintang after all.To deal with the new party today, or to be a small curry, perhaps a tried, in addition to suppressing the momentum of the new party's new shows, by the way, to see if this crude method of political persecution can work in today's Taiwanese society.

It's quite frustrating, and after reading the comments of the online people, I find that this kind of political means may really be OK.I have some fear of writing this now, and I am afraid that one day I will be taken away for questioning on a false charge.

There are many villagers on the internet after hearing Wang Bingzhong, Hohanting was taken away by the Bureau of Investigation but very excited, like a psychopath, everywhere happy shouting these people deserve, such as someone on the internet directly said "treason, execution Ah", "long overdue", "this also to explain, when the Taiwanese are mentally retarded oh?"Oh, yes … Is "and" the handling of this case is not handled well, but also let him drag for so long "and other extreme remarks.

PTT of the villagers on a daily basis.

But I would like to ask you villagers, China is still not a democratic, rule of law country?

Simply the court to lock up the door to forget, now Tsai Ing-wen government as long as it can open a search ticket, it is enough for a group of villagers to carry out a happy public trial.Anyway, as long as you call yourself "transformational justice," you can ignore the democratic rule of law and implement the black public power of Hitler's time.

Eh, the villagers have not been clear, first of all, the identity of the king is only a witness (at least the Bureau of Investigation said to the outside world), and the court has not yet handed down any judgment.As a result, a group of villagers have already treated Wang Bingzhong as a top ten criminals, but can not laugh?

Of course, although the Bureau of Investigation is said to be a "witness", but the process is to learn the period of martial law, a large number of black men and horses personally to catch people, this kind of "witness" is really a little scary.

It has also been said that there are differences in the detention of Wang Bingzhong by the Government Bureau of Investigation today, and in the incident in which four young people in the solo case were taken as suspects by the police, but what is the difference between the suspect and the "witness" who "opened the search ticket" and "ready to warrant"?

What I think is like a freshly pulled butt, and a constipated butt stuck in the rectum.

According to article 128th of the Code of Criminal Procedure: "For search of tickets, the following matters shall be recorded: the cause of the case.The defendant, the criminal suspect, or the object to be seized should be searched …."In other words, when you open a search ticket, you have identified the other person as a defendant or a suspect.

It seems that the change of seat on the change of head is not only the official, even under the table is also a buzz, even the villagers most love chanting the presumption of innocence principle can also be thrown into the pit.In the same thing, a person can object in the past, and now in a different position but agree.

This is a terrible head.

Not to mention that today's Bureau of investigation in the process of summoning and detaining so rough, for example, two government units should at the same time require that the protagonist of the event must appear in two places at the same time, otherwise you will have to switch to warrant to catch you (your Grandma Bear is best to do so), more people are suspected of sin.

That said, how many people today called Wang Bingzhong into Wang Weizhong, their own hands to admit!


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