Who in the world has ever landed on the moon?

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A common question about the astronomical universe is, “Which human beings (astronauts) in the world have ever landed on the moon?”

At present, apart from Chang’e and Wu Gang, only 12 people have ever landed on the moon in the known history of mankind.

In the 41 months from July 20, 1969, the United States launched a total of 6 NASA missions, and each time 2 astronauts landed on the moon through the Apollo lunar module.

The first moon landings were Neil Armstrong and Birds Aldrin on Apollo 11. Cernan and Jack Schmidt of Apollo 17 on December 14, 1972 were the last people to land on the moon so far. Cernan was the last astronaut (astronaut) in the Apollo program to leave the lunar surface.

  1. 🇺🇸Neil Armstrong 🪦
  2. 🇺🇸Buzz Aldrin 91 yo
  3. 🇺🇸Pete Conrad 🪦
  4. 🇺🇸Alan Bean 🪦
  5. 🇺🇸Alan Shepard 🪦
  6. 🇺🇸Edgar Mitchell 🪦
  7. 🇺🇸David Scott 89 yo
  8. 🇺🇸James Irwin 🪦
  9. 🇺🇸John Young 🪦
  10. 🇺🇸Charles Duke 86 yo
  11. 🇺🇸Eugene Cernan 🪦
  12. 🇺🇸Harrison Schmitt 86 yo

In the next 10 years, both the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America have plans to send astronauts (astronauts) to the moon again by 2030.

Among them, the China Lunar Exploration Project (China Lunar Exploration Project or Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, CLEP) of the People’s Republic of China is currently selecting the most suitable technology among several known schemes, including two launches of a new generation of manned launch vehicles (one launch Lunar spacecraft, one launch lunar module) or one launch of the Long March 9 carrier rocket (lunar spacecraft + lunar module), and at the same time, the third phase of the long-term lunar station project will be implemented in this phase.

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