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Worth 8 billion of women’s names, stories about integrity

On the eve of World War II, Germany had a very humble trust company called Babina Trust, dedicated to the custody of valuable property for customers.After the war broke out, people took their belongings away and fled.

Forbidden City South Court "Japan Fine Arts Tokyo Kyushu Island Museum" Special exhibition, parent-child travel to enjoy great value concessions!

Do parents who are interested in Japanese art think about where they are going for their winter vacation?From the day after tomorrow you can take the children to visit the South courtyard of the Forbidden City in Jiayi!The southern courtyard of the National Palace Museum launched a special event on parent-child tour "The most special exhibition of Fine Arts in Japan" during the winter vacation this year.From January 14 to February 12, as long as 1 parents purchase 1 full tickets, they can bring free admission to 3 of the following students in the country at the same time, and the Palace South Court invites a family to enjoy the national treasure of Japan.