Worth 8 billion of women’s names, stories about integrity

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On the eve of World War II, Germany had a very humble trust company called Babina Trust, dedicated to the custody of valuable property for customers.After the war broke out, people took their belongings away and fled.

Even the big boss of the trust is a bit of a soft escape, leaving only one employee. West Asia also counted the accounts at the Trust Bank.

A bomb was explosion near the trust, and Western Asia did not seem to hear it, and she cleared the accounts and found that a customer named Leigh had not taken the thing away.

It was a ruby worth 5 billion marks, and West Asia put the gem and all the managed documents in a small box, then took all the accounts and left the trust line.

A few days later, the fighting razed the area of the Barnabas Trust, and West Asia ran around to escape the war.But wherever you go, West Asia carries the accounts of the Trust Bank and the gem.

She felt that she was still an employee of the Bana trust, and that she would go to the end of the war and return the accounts and gems to the trust.

The war was finally over, and West Asia returned to Berlin with three children, but the boss of the Barnabas Trust had died in the war and the trust had ceased to exist.

But Western Asia still keeps accounts and gems.Because the gem is commissioned by the customer, the customer did not take away the gem, she has to keep the customer for the maintenance, hold the credibility of the Trust Bank.

How many years have passed, and West Asia has not found a job, and she has been living an extremely poor life with her three children.In fact, the original entrusted trust to keep the gem Leigh also died in the war, the priceless Ruby has long been unclaimed, West Asia can quietly sell it, live a beautiful food life.But she did not, she felt that it is the customer’s belongings, she can only keep, can not have any undivided thoughts.

In the 1978, when the local government set up a war museum to collect World War II relics for the community, West Asia took out the trust bank accounts and the ruby she had kept.

The government has worked hard to help West Asia find Leigh’s grandson, Doyle.Doyle got the gem and promised to sell the gem half to West Asia, and West Asia declined, saying that only the custody costs for those years would be charged.

There was a newspaper in Western Asia, and people were moved by her integrity, and she was proposed as the General adviser to the Chamber of Commerce, and she pushed it off on the grounds of her age.Later, several other large trust companies approached her and asked her to become honorary president, and she declined.

Soon after, West Asia died.Several companies approached her son Chris and asked for a buyout of West Asia’s name Trust.Chris struggled to make a choice, allowing several companies to bid, and finally, the Plato Trust acquired the title of Western Asia at a price of 8 billion marks.Many people are puzzled, say a name can be worth so much money?

Plato’s president said that “West Asia” is no longer just a person’s name, it represents a spirit of enterprise, a price than the integrity of gemstones, spend 8 billion to buy this honor?Value!

Before long, Plato Trust changed its name to Western Asia Trust, the volume of transactions really climbed all the way.

Honesty can create value, because integrity itself is priceless.When you think of good faith as faith and responsibility, you can win people’s support and trust, and endless wealth will arise as a result.

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