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Three saltwater hot springs in the world

Every time you mention Zhaori Hot Springs on Green Island, I believe some people will jump out and proudly saying that one of the three most rare saltwater hot springs in the world is in Taiwan Island.

Can Japanese and other similar weapons such as "knives, simulation knives" carry boarding?

Japanese native shops are a great place to travel to buy gifts, including "knives, simulation knives" and other similar weapons items are often the favorite of many boys.For example, the Silver Soul actor holding the Hokkaido Toya Lake Wooden Knife is a lot of people to the beautiful lake to soak in the hot springs when they will certainly bring a wooden knife home to the popular gift.

Okinawa ballad, Screaming "iyasasa (いやささ)" What does Japanese mean?

The mention of Okinawa, Japan (Okinawa) has also traveled more than three times, drilled a lot of rare places, but also heard a lot of Japanese words, but some words always sound particularly pleasant, such as in Okinawa traditional dance performances and Okinawa folk songs (such as three-line flowers, Islanders ぬ treasure) often can be heard. " Iyasasa (いやささ) "gives people a comfortable sense of hearing.

The historical origin of Taiwan's unique weight unit "Taiwan Jin"

The bloody repression adopted by the Japanese Army in the early days and the forced education of the Japanese emperor in the later period caused the local people of Taiwan to be more and more full of Japanese habits after the restoration of the country.Taiwan's traditional market, tea industry is commonly used in the "Taiwan Jin" is from the Japanese militarism after the flow of a paradigm to date.

In which five countries can the Republic of China passport Use automatic customs clearance to avoid queuing?

Everyone traveling abroad with a pleasant mood, most afraid of the airport customs encounter queuing crowds, often a row of more than 10 minutes or even half an hour is a common thing.In fact, with the closer exchanges between our country and other countries, five countries have opened up to use automatic customs clearance services for us, as long as the prior application can easily carry the passport of the Republic of China, in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Britain and Australia, the five major countries for rapid customs clearance.

Forbidden City South Court "Japan Fine Arts Tokyo Kyushu Island Museum" Special exhibition, parent-child travel to enjoy great value concessions!

Do parents who are interested in Japanese art think about where they are going for their winter vacation?From the day after tomorrow you can take the children to visit the South courtyard of the Forbidden City in Jiayi!The southern courtyard of the National Palace Museum launched a special event on parent-child tour "The most special exhibition of Fine Arts in Japan" during the winter vacation this year.From January 14 to February 12, as long as 1 parents purchase 1 full tickets, they can bring free admission to 3 of the following students in the country at the same time, and the Palace South Court invites a family to enjoy the national treasure of Japan.

North Kitano: "Poor, not an excuse for your failure" gives you a glimpse of the inner world of Japanese movie Ghosts

North Kitano and Hayao Miyazaki are Japan's quite heavyweight national treasures, but many people can't understand why North Kitano hates Hayao Miyazaki.At the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2014, North Kitano even publicly shelled Gongqi: "I hate animation and I hate Hayao Miyazaki, but his animations make a lot of money."」