Can Japanese and other similar weapons such as "knives, simulation knives" carry boarding?


Japanese native shops are a great place to travel to buy gifts, including "knives, simulation knives" and other similar weapons items are often the favorite of many boys.For example, the Silver Soul actor holding the Hokkaido Toya Lake Wooden Knife is a lot of people to the beautiful lake to soak in the hot springs when you are sure to bring a wooden knife home of the popular gift (I am a backpack travel no space belt or would like to buy).

While carrying this type of tool, simulation knife and other similar weapons, although there will be no problem with the checked baggage placed at the airport counter, do you know if this kind of thing can be carried on board with carry-on baggage?

The answer is "no," even if you feel like you're just buying a toy.

Under Japanese aviation regulations, weapons items such as knives (including imitation knives) that can be used as hijackers may not be carried on board with them.Please put it in your checked baggage.And such items, which look like weapons, include air guns, kitchen knives, paper cutters, imitation knives, wooden knives, double truncheons, hand swords, umbrellas like knives, and so on.

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