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Technology, abbreviated by science and technology, generally refers to human use of machines, hardware, or man-made utensils, but it can also contain a wider range of architectures, such as systems, organizational methodologies, and techniques.Science (English: Scientific, Greek: επιστήμη) is a subject that, through empirical evidence, is attributed to phenomena (originally referred to as natural phenomena, which now refer to phenomena such as social phenomena).The knowledge derived from scientific activities is clearly conditional, can withstand testing and cannot contradict any known facts within the scope of application. Science and technology is the main body of knowledge evolution, shaped by society or shaping society.The proliferation of new technologies, such as computers, has led people to believe that technology is the decisive force for social evolution, in other words, it is the spontaneous driving force that drives change.

Drill bit sizes and anchors, Gecko screw quick selection table

Todays question is "drill bit sizes quickly and comparison with expansion screws, anchor screws size!"We are particularly common drill bit, outside the anchor screws, including outside expansion bolts, screw the casing, casing geckos, expansion screws, flat head casing with flat head screws and flat lizard, in the form of dimensions into this quick comparison table.

Why OPPO, the mystery handset maker, easily beat Xiaomi and Apple?Economist Analysis gives you the marketing mystery among them!

Why OPPO, the mystery handset maker, easily beat Xiaomi, Huawei, and Apple, rushing from the fourth place in mainland China to the first place in just two years?This is a dark horse business that you may not have heard, but you must know about it!

Have you been cheated today?Scam group's usual technique list hot out!

The Criminal Police Department recently published a statistical report, in response to the occurrence of (105) years of fraud cases, found that the people most often suffer from the fraud of the top three in order: "Fake friends and relatives in the name", "ATM to lift the installment setting" and "fake online shooting."