When does the router DMZ host service need to be used?

ethernet cable connected to a compartment port
ethernet cable connected to a compartment port

Question: “Generally, when a computer connects to the Router, it will be assigned an intranet ip location, so why do you need the DMZ function?”

The computer (server) side of the home router’s internal network needs to enable the Port forward/virtual server function to open PORT to external systems or users for connection, so that outsiders can connect to our designated system (such as Apache web server) ).

However, if the IP address of the intranet computer is directly set to the DMZ host, the above setting is not required, and the port (port) channel of the computer can be designated one-to-one for external connection.

Generally, this is also a function required by home routers, because there are still a few people who need to disclose their own transmission ports in the home area network, so this function is mostly only used for emergency use.

Of course, the disadvantage of this is that the firewall protection of the router is missing, and the firewall needs to be manually set on the DMZ host to prevent hackers from intruding and destroying.

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