What does the ‘Score validation’ feature of Google reCAPTCHA’s human verification mean?

Google reCAPTCHA真人驗證
Google reCAPTCHA真人驗證

reCAPTCHA is a verification system developed by Google to determine whether website visitors are humans or automated programs.

reCAPTCHA Score Validation is a feature of reCAPTCHA v3 that evaluates user behavior on a website and assigns a score based on that behavior to determine whether the user is human. This score is referred to as the reCAPTCHA score.

reCAPTCHA Score Validation is the process of evaluating a user’s authenticity based on their interactions with a website. These interactions include the way a user clicks and scrolls, the speed at which they fill out forms, and other behaviors that are difficult to mimic. As a result, reCAPTCHA Score Validation is highly accurate at determining whether a user is human or not.

reCAPTCHA Score Validation assigns a score between 0 and 1 to each user, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood that the user is human. Website administrators can use the reCAPTCHA score to identify and filter out spam emails and malicious behavior, thereby protecting the security of the website.

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