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Life is a general term. It is the need of people’s life, and spiritual life is another kind of spiritual sustenance that people pursue after they have obtained material life. Life is a spiritual sustenance.

Overview of the flavor of major coffee bean producing regions around the world

Embarking on a global coffee tasting journey encounters a diversity of flavors from renowned coffee-producing regions. These include: Colombian beans known for their balanced flavors; Ethiopia’s floral and fruity beans; high-acidity Kenyan coffee with fruity notes; Jamaica’s exceptional balanced Blue Mountain coffee; bright and fresh Costa Rican beans; Panama’s diversified coffee; Nicaraguan beans with rich flavors; and Guatemalan coffee prized for its depth and complexity. Endless possibilities await in the exploration of these diverse coffee flavors.

The most popular dog breeds in the world

The most popular pet dog breed in the world is the Labrador Retriever. This breed is known for its friendly, intelligent, and adaptable nature, which makes it a great choice...

Is Lunar New Year the same as Chinese New Year?

Today’s issue is about “Is Lunar New Year the same as Chinese New Year?” The answer is No. The Lunar New Year is very different of the Chinese New Year....

How many major droughts have occurred in the modern history of Taiwan Island?

Taiwan’s recent water shortages, electricity shortages and vaccines, especially the severe water conditions, left 10% of Shimen Reservoir, 6% of Zengwen Reservoir, and 10% of Nanhua Reservoir. The average remaining water in the central and southern reservoirs is less than one month available.