Four simple indicators for quickly determining if an orange is ripe

tangerine close up of fruits in bowl

Oranges are a popular winter fruit known for their sweet flavor and juicy texture, which can only be enjoyed when the fruit is fully ripe.

Therefore, we can determine whether a fruit is ripe through the following methods:

  1. Appearance: Oranges typically become yellow or deep yellow and develop wrinkles on the surface when they are ripe. If the surface looks smooth and green, the fruit may not be ripe yet.
  2. Touch: Ripe oranges are usually soft, if the orange feels hard to the touch, it may not be ripe yet.
  3. Taste: The skin of a ripe orange will have a strong orange smell, if the orange does not have a strong enough smell, it may not be ripe yet.
  4. Thickness: The thinner the orange peel, the more ripe the orange is. If the orange peel is very thick, the fruit may not be ripe yet.

It is recommended to touch and observe the appearance and taste of the oranges to determine if they are fully ripe.

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