A girl wants to question her boyfriend’s various secrets, what time and occasion is the best choice?

photography of person peeking window
photography of person peeking window

In spying on the relationship between men and women, the question that girls may encounter when they want to ask boys some sensitive questions without a trace is about “girls want to ask boys various secrets. What time and occasion is the best choice?”

Before continuing the conversation, I want to tell the girls with blood and tears about one thing: “Don’t keep asking questions while boys are driving!”

The brains of boys can only concentrate on one thing at a time (single channel), but the brains of girls can think of many things at once (multiple channels).

The only thing boys can do when driving is to pay attention to driving, but girls sitting in the second seat can think leisurely!

Now everyone should be very clear about the difference between the two! ?

Having said that, if the girls want to ask the boys to confirm something, whether it’s an affair with a mistress or a prostitute or gambling, then it can be regarded as an honest tree of time, because boys have absolutely no time to think about excuses.

From another point of view, if the boys find that your problem is too sharp, but suddenly stop the car on the road, and swear to you with a serious look, in fact, his head is the only thing he can do. Things, from the driving mode to the sweet talk mode-he must have done something wrong.

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