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Kaohsiung Big Far Hundred, Sogo department store anniversary, strong play discount suction and buy gas

Kaohsiung Grand far centenary yesterday 25th in the lively drumbeat and the roaring of the crowd opened, for the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of 1.1 billion yuan performance target; Kaohsiung Sogo department Store anniversary will also be on the stage from November 3, the performance target is set at 353 million yuan.

Friday the 13th (Friday) what is it?You need to know two Black Friday!

Today is Friday the 13th, commonly known as Black Friday, morning asked the Studio partners who know the origin of the Friday the 13th is Black Friday?Never thought he could say Black Friday commercial marketing practices this eye is a Shopaholic's words!?OMG!Life education just can't wait.

2017 Total 6 company leave, Spring Break only 6th, total holiday Day 116 days “Republic of China 106 calendar”

According to the General administration of administration of the Executive Yuan is beginning to discuss (2017) the Administrative Organs Holiday program shows that there are currently a total of 116 days of holidays, as this year.However, there are only 6 consecutive holidays with a single holiday of more than three days, one less than today (2016), and the Spring Festival is only 6 days.