Is the word "mainland" in mainland China a vague and imprecise political term?


Recently, when I spoke about the mainland word on Facebook, I have met two people who have run to question the claim that it is wrong, and even forced me to correct the use of the term Chinese only.Makes me seriously doubt that all these people's heads are mentally functional because of the stress that comes with the other side of the channel?How else do you know what I'm saying, and run and say you don't know?

The mainland B word is an exact usage, just as you call your mum at home, and the mum next door doesn't think you're calling her.

In addition to the substantive order defined by the clear law in our country (Continental region, mainland China mainland Chinese, mainland synonymous), the term mainland also has a very clear geographical significance for people in the island area.

If it is geographical location, it is called Mainland, continent in English, and if it is geopolitics, it is called Motherland.In fact, it is the relative position of the relationship can be applied.For example, when I was in Tasmania, I said that the mainland, the local Aborigines also know that I am talking about Australia.Is it better for Taiwanese islanders, who claim to be 180 IQ, to be inferior to them?

As for those who say that the mainland is very vague, the most fundamental reason is that they want the noun to blur the better, but this kind of ideological political thinking, I personally hate it.In order to insist that their ideology is in a state of trouble, and even pretending not to know the right knowledge, the result of this self-foolish fool is simply to make these people's IQ infinitely reduced.

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