In which 7 oil gas stations can bulk kerosene be purchased for distribution?

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If you want to buy kerosene in PetroChina Corporation, also known as Taiwan CNOOC, hereinafter referred to as CNOOC, there are three kinds of goods to choose from, namely, bulk kerosene (licence price: one litre of 36.4 yuan), 4 litres of canned (licence price: one can 206 yuan) and 20 litres of barrel (price: 848 yuan in a bucket).

If the home is in winter with kerosene heaters (kerosene heater) to keep warm, it is recommended to directly purchase 20 litres of barrels, a kerosene heater in the living room to spend at least 2 barrels a winter.4 litres can only be used as a household cleaning use or small things such as platinum in the stove.

In addition, the central oil CPC in the four major cities throughout Taiwan "new Bei (Sanchong District, Xindian District)", "Taipei City (Shilin District, Neihu District)", "Taoyuan (Pingzhen District, Kameyama District)" and " Taizhong (Fengyuan District) "has launched six direct petrol filling stations (CNOOC self-owned stations) to sell bulk kerosene so that people can buy it at a relatively cheap price.With 20 litres of barrel licence price of 848 yuan, bulk kerosene 20 liters only need 728 yuan, cheap a full 120 yuan.

If the home is not prepared for the "kerosene bucket" of people, you can first buy 20 litres of medium oil barrels, and then use the original empty barrel to buy bulk.But I personally still recommend the purchase of special kerosene barrels (recommended: Japan Yazawa 20 liters of military stainless steel white iron Portable fuel tank), because the white iron barrel of the oil in fact will still rust, and the material of the lid is plastic plug, a few more will be broken off.

More information on 7 CNOOC gas stations that can purchase bulk kerosene

New Bei (Sanchong District, Xindian District)

  • Dual Station: Address: Sanchong District re-section No. No. 652, contact Tel: 02-29950790.
    • Opening hours: 07:00-22:00.
  • Xindian North New Road Station: Address: No. 90th, North New Road, Xindian District, contact Tel: 02-29180305.

Taipei City (Shilin District, Neihu District)

  • Wenlin Road Station: Address: No. 100th Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Tel: 02-28817934.
  • Neihu Street Station: Address: Neihu District Neihu Road, No. No. 362, contact Tel: 02-26577339.

Taoyuan (Pingzhen District, Kameyama District)

  • New FU Station: Address: No. No. 298, Middle Fung Road, New Fu, Pingzhen District, Tel: 03-4573401.
  • Kameyama Station: Address: No. Two, section No. 640, Wanshou Road, Turtle Mountain, Tel: 03-3296223.

Taizhong (Fengyuan District)

  • Weng Station: Address: No. No. 588, Fung Long Road, Fengyuan District, contact Tel: 04-25225510.

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