Travel suitcase, boarding box how to throw garbage truck?Resource recovery or combustible waste?

Garbage green trash bin on green grass field bottle

One of the questions travelers often encounter during the New Year's Spring Festival cleaning is about "How do you drop a garbage truck in a travel suitcase or boarding box?"Resource recovery or combustible waste?」

According to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the EIA Division, if a single item has a capacity of more than 25 litres, it can be delivered directly to the garbage truck without the use of a special garbage bag, or with the cleaning team to agree on the clearance of large items.

Because the large suitcase is a combination of composite materials manufacturing, and with the lever, latch bonding, not easy to manually split, and recycling items only pull rods, locks and other metal materials, so after the delivery of garbage truck clearance, only through the incinerator magnetic separator operating unit for metal recovery.Therefore, a single volume greater than 25 litres, can be exempted from the use of special garbage bags, direct delivery of garbage trucks or with the cleaning team agreed to clearance.

Contact Data: Environmental Protection Bureau Recycling Resources Section Zheng Jiaxin, Liu Qinxiang Xuan 29532111 ext. 4021, 4014.

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