can also use second-hand furniture, home appliances, EPA has recycling services?


Today's indoor home, office and other places of the problem is about "still can use furniture, home appliances whether there is a place to recycle and reuse?"」

In the case of the new North Government, the EPA provides " "Happy Station" resource recovery services, as long as there are no need to use but good appearance and functional furniture or home appliances, you can directly call the contact line, Happy station work team team will arrange time to the government, and help the people will be full of loving furniture or home appliances to the needs of vulnerable families, so that second-hand materials can continue to recycle and reuse 。

As to whether other provincial and municipal areas also provide similar resources for reuse, but also to help vulnerable families of social services, please contact the local Environmental Protection agency directly for advice.

New Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau Happiness Station (Resource Recovery and reuse service)

  • Contact Number: "02-89520755".
  • Official website: "Happy Station".

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