What is the difference between earthy yellow coffee filter paper and pure white coffee filter paper?

Coffee Filter Cup Hot Water Cafe
Coffee Filter Cup Hot Water Cafe

A common question for coffee beginners when making hand-brewed coffee is about “What is the difference between earthy yellow coffee filter paper and pure white coffee filter paper? Which coffee filter paper is better?”

Three kinds of supplies are needed to make hand brewed coffee, namely filter cup, filter paper and kettle. Among them, the kettle and the filter cup can be used for a long time (even if you like to collect products with different appearances and diversion structures, the ones you like to use in the end are actually one or two), and the filter paper is a consumable item, and there are more opportunities to try different styles.

If you want to buy a cheap one, I personally recommend the filter paper of Daiso Department Store at RMB 39[1], otherwise there are many filter papers on the Internet that you can choose from, ranging from cheap miscellaneous brands to high-priced brands[2].

Coffee filter paper of better quality will be made of pure wood pulp (for example: conifer fiber). Some Japanese filter papers will also specifically advertise acid-free bleaching (acid is oxygen), no added fluorescent agents, no heavy metal components, and no cementing substances, etc. Wait.

The earthy yellow coffee filter paper is a pure product obtained by cutting and mechanical chain pressing after raw wood pulp papermaking. On the contrary, the pure white coffee filter paper undergoes an additional bleaching process to wash off the unique pigment of the pulp.

Although everyone feels that bleaching seems to be chemical and is not good for the body, it doesn’t matter if it is a qualified process. In order to reduce production costs, not only the source of the pulp is unknown, but even the bleaching process will leave toxic chemicals. .

As for why manufacturers have to sell bleached coffee filter paper, in addition to the good-looking appearance, pure wood pulp itself has a taste. For people who are very particular about coffee, they think that the taste of pulp will affect the aroma of coffee beans. The bleached coffee filter paper is not only washed off the color, but the filter paper itself does not have any residual flavor, so it is favored by those who pursue the ultimate.

Well, except that the coffee flavor is said to be affected [3] (you have to drink it first), in fact, there is not much difference between the khaki filter paper and the pure white filter paper. Even if it is a filter paper with an additional bleaching procedure, the unit price of the two will not be too far apart, and even the same price. However, personally, I still prefer materials that are as simple as possible, so I will still stock the khaki filter paper.

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