Should the micro switch of the mouse button be made in Japan or the People’s Republic of China?

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A frequently asked question about mouse repairs is “Should the microswitches of the mouse buttons be made in Japan or the People’s Republic of China?”

A mouse is cheap from more than 100 yuan to several thousand yuan. The biggest difference is in key design such as feel, ergonomics, appearance structure and motion detection resolution, but no matter how much the mouse is, the only difference is The constant is that the button brake sensing element (micro switch) hidden in the body is actually very easy to fail and damage.

Many people may not use the mouse for a few years, and they begin to feel that the button’s response has become very insensitive. It does not respond after several consecutive clicks, or it is too sensitive. After pressing it once, it becomes a double-click, which is completely uncontrollable.

Why does the mouse break?

A big reason is that the micro switch under the button has become insensitive. There are many possible reasons for insensitivity. A large number of clicks will cause the loss of metal contacts inside the part, and even poor contact due to dust entry will gradually cause the mouse control to fail.

Generally speaking, most of this kind of wear does not need to be sent back to the original factory for repair. After all, the internal parts and mechanical structure have begun to age. This time, after the switch is repaired, the plastic structure inside the mouse has also been worn, which affects the button control.

A cheap mouse can be replaced by a new one. If the mouse is less than a year old, consider reporting it to the original factory for repair.

Of course, there is another method, which is to buy the micro switch by yourself and come back to D.I.Y for maintenance. In fact, this is also a solution that many people will consider, so the micro switches of various manufacturers on the market can be easily purchased.

If you want to repair the switch of the mouse, in addition to purchasing the components, you also need a soldering iron and solder to perform the repair. For friends who have never been in contact with them at all, it may still be a little difficult.

Pick a Micro Switch

The author once said that there are some tips for selecting micro switches. From practical experience, 🇯🇵MIJ’s micro switches made in Japan (eg: Omron Omron D2F-01) are more precise, and copper sheets can be designed to be thinner and lighter. Not durable.

🇨🇳MIC Made in the People’s Republic of China, the precision is relatively poor, and the manufacturing technology is also poor. The copper sheet itself has a certain thickness, but it is relatively durable. It is also a good choice for those who need more durability than hand feel.

🇩🇪MIG German-made micro switches (eg: Cherry GD2 GD4 black dots) are more expensive, have high precision, but are also solid and durable.

Cost-effective and patriotic, you can also choose 🇹🇼TTC dust-proof gold products made by MIT Taiwan in the Republic of China.

In fact, it only needs to be replaced once. After knowing the location and how to replace it, it is not difficult to replace it next time. Therefore, it is more important to choose high precision and good hand feeling.

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