Author: A.ISSUER

Length unit, mm, mm, cm, cm what does it mean?

China uses metric units, the basic unit of length is "millimeter", "centimeter", "meter", corresponding to the use of international units in mainland China's "millimeters", "centimeters" and "meters."

Nurse, carer clothing color secret, do you know the meaning of white, powder, blue, green, purple nurse clothes?

Nurses are called angel-like occupations, and when it comes to nurses, people naturally think of a net white dress.Now, though, most hospitals are no longer clean white nurse clothes.At present, the nursing staff's overalls are custom-made by the hospital, and there is no uniform hard standard.

Where do I buy a special garbage bag in bi-Taipei City (New Bei, Taipei)?

 Since the promotion of garbage does not land and garbage charges in the bag collection policy, the city has set up a wide range of selling points at all levels to provide special garbage bags for trafficking.If you don't know where to buy a special garbage bag, refer to the data we've sorted later.