Length unit, mm, mm, cm, cm what does it mean?

A millimeter refers to 1mm, equal to one millimeter.A millimeter refers to 1mm, equal to one millimeter.

One centimeter refers to 1cm, which is equal to one centimeter.

A millimeter is "not equal to" a millimeter!One centimeter is not equal to one centimeter.

As a result of the use of metric units in China, the basic unit of length is "millimeter", "centimeter", "meter", respectively, corresponding to the use of international units of mainland China's "millimeters", "centimeters" and "meters", of which "CL" and "pct" is not simply genuine and simplified correspondence, the two units are not interchangeable.

In addition, China's metric units in addition to the length of the previous opening, there is still a public inch [i] (corresponding to the mainland of the meter), the public (corresponding to 10 meters), public (corresponding to hundreds of meters) and kilometers (corresponding to kilometers) and other uses.

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