Nurse, carer clothing color secret, do you know the meaning of white, powder, blue, green, purple nurse clothes?

Nurses are called angel-like occupations, and when it comes to nurses, people naturally think of a net white dress.Now, though, most hospitals are no longer clean white nurse clothes.At present, the nursing staff's overalls are custom-made by the hospital, and there is no uniform hard standard.

In front of the doctor is a nurse in a blue suit, the obstetrical inpatient department has a busy nurse dressed in pink nurse, the emergency room has a whole body full of life green nurses, geriatric ward of the light blue nurse clothing warm and energetic.When you are in the hospital, can these colorful nurse clothes bring you some warmth and intimacy?In fact, these "[Congratulations purple yanhong" Nurse clothes are not casual wear Oh!

In pediatrics, geriatric wards, operating theatres or emergency rooms, if the use of White nurse clothing, then the nurse's clothes once stained with blood stains, plus white walls, white beds, white quilts, the patient will inevitably feel depressed.And in the face of old age, children and other people who need special care, the color of nurse clothes will also change.The geriatric ward and paediatric ward were pale, while the operating room, emergency room, intensive care unit (ICU) had a dark tone.

The image of the nurse is very important in the patient's eyes, and the beauty of the dress embodies the inner beauty of the nurse's work.A good nurse needs not only professional nursing skills, but also external affinity.If the dress is not fastidious, the patient will frown.Therefore, the choice of nurse's overalls is more from the patient's point of view, is to respect the patient and respect the performance of the profession.

White Nurse Costume (most departments)

Color effect: Calm and soothe mood, speed up metabolism.

Vegetarian net pure white nurse suit is the main hue in the general ward.As a traditional color for nurse clothes, most patients can find a calm, positive and hopeful atmosphere from this most simple color.

"White gives people a clean and comfortable feeling, can speed up metabolism, increase muscle sense of urgency, but also has a certain degree of sedation, soothing mood effect.""For hospitalized patients with general illnesses, they need this relaxed and tidy atmosphere," said Dailu, head nurse at the city's hospital.

Pink Nurse Costume (obstetrics, pediatrics)

Color effect: Dream warm, bring home the same warmth.

At present, the majority of hospitals in the city obstetric and pediatric nurse clothes are used in warm and lovely pink tones, looking a bit "small fresh."That's because "pink is a soft color, and children and parents can feel the warmth of home here.""The maternity ward is a home-like place that needs to reflect motherhood, and mothers and chaperones will be in a better mood in a pink environment."

In addition, the characteristics of color can promote the physical and mental recovery of children, but also bring a positive and upward appeal.The visual effects of pink can also divert children's attention and ease the uneasiness of being hospitalized.

Green Nurse Service (operating room, emergency room, ICU (male nurse))

Color effect: Green channel, symbolizing vitality.

Generally speaking, in the emergency room, operating room, ICU, three departments to visit the patients are relatively serious condition, the treatment and care requirements are also higher.

"Long ago surgery is also worn in white nurse clothes, clothes stained with blood after it is difficult to wash clean, so it will become difficult to see, patients are difficult to accept.""said Shenlei, head nurse of the emergency department of the city Chamber.Now, nurses in green nurse clothes mean enjoying a "green channel" and working more quickly and accurately.In addition, Green is also a warm color, but also a symbol of life recovery, can encourage critically ill patients to actively treat, overcome pain, but also give them a courage to fight the disease.

Light Blue Nurse Costume (special needs ward, geriatric Department)

Color effect: Calm and sane, youthful lively.

Blue, give people a sense of calm, sanity and pure net, can eliminate the anxiety of patients.Light blue nurse Clothing youth lively, have vitality, have affinity, through visual transmission to a certain extent let people produce intimacy, conducive to the stability and improvement of the disease, can enable hospitalized patients to produce a sense of trust, identity, create a harmonious atmosphere.

"In the dignified atmosphere of the hospital, elderly patients are prone to pessimism, worry about their physical condition, white nurses, white coat doctors more or less will let them some fear."Cai Yanqing, head nurse of the special needs ward, said that the light blue nurse suit is mainly used in the elderly special needs ward and geriatric department, and this youthful vitality of the color can bring a lot of "positive energy" to elderly patients.

Purple nurse suit, blue suit, etc. (ICU (female nurse), guide desk nurse)

Color effect: Balance life, have female characteristics.

Nurses in the same inpatient ward can also wear nurse clothes in different colours.Li Jinfang, head nurse of ICU, said the male nurse in the ICU wore a green nurse suit, while the female nurse wore a purple nurse suit.Both colors are dark, purple nurse clothes on the basis of green to carry out some personalized changes, both green vitality symbol, but also soft feminine characteristics, is conducive to reducing the tension of patients.

In short, the dress code for nursing staff varies from department to hospital in different hospitals, but the aim is to create a patient's favorite environment.Which color do you like best in these colourful nurse clothes?

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