Where do I buy a special garbage bag in bi-Taipei City (New Bei, Taipei)?

Since the promotion of garbage does not land and garbage charges in the bag collection policy, the city has set up a wide range of selling points at all levels to provide special garbage bags for trafficking.If you don't know where to buy a special garbage bag, refer to the data we've sorted later.

Special garbage bag system using flat or ear-type design, the bag is marked with the capacity of the upper limit marking line, the capacity of the line is a special garbage bag of the charging capacity, it still retains about 30% of the volume for strapping use, so can be used special bag ear bundles, or with ropes, tape strapping seal before the garbage discharge.

If you are going to buy a special garbage bag in Taipei City, you can buy it at a traditional store such as Bei's grocery store, pharmacy bureau (which can apply on your own), or a unified, family, Lailai, Lairford, all-in-one, Wellcome, three-firm, Taiwan Sugar, Carrefour and other chain stores are also available for sale.

There are stores selling special garbage bags in Taipei City, which will be affixed with the following volume labels.

Taipei City Special Garbage bag designated trafficking office

If you plan to purchase a special garbage bag for the new Bei, please purchase a special garbage bag at the store designated by the EPA, the supermarket and the "special Garbage Bag Sales Office" volume label (pictured below).

New Bei special Garbage bag designated trafficking office

In addition, in some Taipei City and the new Bei at the junction of the store, sometimes will also be sold in bi-Taipei special garbage bags, can be purchased according to demand.

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