Can a lighter take a plane to travel abroad?Old Smoker's travel tips


If you are an old cigarette gun, the most distressing question when traveling abroad and doing business is surely whether you can carry a lighter with you when you fly.

Basically, in most countries around the world Customs regulations, gas, kerosene and other fuels are all contraband, strictly prohibited to carry.So classical lighters, such as Zippo, are not portable.However, there are safe lighters with electric heating on the market, which can be carried on board in countries such as the Republic of China and Japan.

However, in order to prevent terrorist attacks and protect homeland security after the 911 incident, the United States is now almost the most stringent country on the planet for flight safety regulations.As a result, safety lighters that can be carried with them in many countries are strictly prohibited by the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration from carrying any type of lighter on board or in checked baggage.

In addition, a part of a flight, such as inbound and outbound routes in mainland China, shall not carry a lighter, whether checked or hand luggage.Please also ask your airline in advance about the details.

Re-declare that a lighter or jet lighter filled with kerosene cannot be carried on board with carry-on baggage or placed in checked baggage at the airport counter.

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