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North Kitano: "Poor, not an excuse for your failure" gives you a glimpse of the inner world of Japanese movie Ghosts

North Kitano and Hayao Miyazaki are Japan's quite heavyweight national treasures, but many people can't understand why North Kitano hates Hayao Miyazaki.At the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2014, North Kitano even publicly shelled Gongqi: "I hate animation and I hate Hayao Miyazaki, but his animations make a lot of money.""Apart from the different political positions that everyone guesses, Kitano is not really the one who hates Hayao Miyazaki, but a kind of beauty that Miyazaki is representing behind."Hayao Miyazaki is the standard rich second generation, as a child father sent him is the model of the plane, is the sky, in his works to see are all the beauty of the world.And North Kitano, he was only poor and this hideous world when he was a child. North Kitano (きたのたけし/takeshi kitano;1947 January 18-), it's hard to define him, he's a funny entertainer and a serious writer.He didn't graduate from college but he was a university professor.He was a taxi driver but a world-renowned big director. "Kitano, you did a good job, without you, the Japanese film will be chaotic in the future."I hope you will bear in mind my trust and continue the tradition of Japanese cinema."Kurosawa."Known as "Shakespeare in the film industry," Kurosawa, a special book to him before his death, let him inherit his mantle, which may be the highest praise for him. He is the ghost of the North Kitano. [Caption Id= "attachment_5374" align= "AlignCenter" width= "427"] North Kitano Takeshi Kitano[/caption] North Kitano is one of theTakeshi Kitano Portrait BW 20181013 most talented contemporary directors in Japan, with the film " The sky of the bad children, "the summer of the Chrysanthemum" is well known to the world.But at the same time, he was a child from the ghetto.He was the son of a painter and, in his words, "a class despised by society in Japan." January 18, 1947, North Kitano was born in the Tokyo lower-Cho Adachi district, a gathering place for the poor, living with workers, artisans and carpenters.The streets are narrow and closed, overflowing with cheap alcohol and the smell of the tramp's urine, the smell of smoked fish for a long time, with the sound of the couple's noisy fight, North Kitano's father North Wild Chrysanthemum Jiro, is a painter.Every day, my father, dressed in shabby, shabby clothes, with dirty, sticky paint cans, left home and began a tired and boring day.I do not know whether exhaustion makes father taciturn, or boring make him uninteresting, in the eyes of the North Kitano, Father taciturn, introverted apathy, implied a cold rough, let him dare not approach. He went to a famous university on his own, in order not to reach out to the family to get money, dropped out of the bar as a waiter, and later worked as a taxi driver, or simply scattered the work. Until a chance, he went from a wage earner to a crosstalk actor, to a variety show host, non-science background, but finally mistakenly became a film director, did not expect to create a miracle of life, repeatedly won the Venice Film Festival, the Canton Film Festival Best Director award, is regarded as the only hope of Japanese film. Ang Lee reviews North Kitano: "As long as he's next to a stop, he can be compiled into a story.""BasiTakeshi Kitano Movie stills Brothercally, if I hadn't experienced such a bitter life, maybe I would have turned into someone else … But life can't be a comeback.There is no way we can escape our childhood.I can't forget some very hard clips from my young years.I can't forget the condescending vision of the rich when they look at our insignificant little people."In 1983, the 36-year-old North Kitano, Japan's premier crosstalk actor, is an active television star on television.In everyone's eyes, he is a witty and humorous red man.But Japan's national treasure director, Oshima, said he saw a "hard-hearted Man" hidden in the body of North Kitano. So he was invited to star in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence," a sergeant with a rude, erratic temperament who would be melancholy to drink a little wine.This serious film, rough character, like a switch, opened the northern Kitano legendary film career, but also opened the North Kitano himself unexpectedly the other side, cold and rough, gloomy and violent. Takeshi Kitano Movie Portrait Sonatine with Gun Next, self-guided debut "Violent Man", Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award winning works "Flower Fire", Venice Film Festival Best Director Award "Tau City", a film full of violence, a silent and rough role, become the North Kitano style of violent aesthetics.Silent people, often affectionate as the sea.It is a pity that he cannot express it. After the death of his father, North Kitano in the collation of relics, actually found two or three of Father practice word paper, above Crooked wrote his name, North Wild Chrysanthemum Jiro.Father can't write his name until he dies, but he has been practicing secretly.However, before his death, my father clearly yelled at the North Kitano: can write and fart, paint and do not have to write! It was these pieces of paper that made North Kitano cry.Crying was more heartbreaking than when his father died. "I remember playing with him only once, and he was the one who took me to see the sea on the beach of Enoshima.""That is the only memory, is the North Kitano with him, should be said to be happy, really shared a moment bar."As a result, the sea is often seen in the films of North Kitano. In the 1999, North Kitano self-made self-directed the film "The Summer of Chrysanthemum", directly using the father's name, which is like a love letter to his father.The actor Chrysanthemum Jiro idle boring, no God sitting, like a father. The autobiographical film, hailed as the most warm and sunny film in North Kitano, nominated the Best picture of Golden Palm at the Canton Film Festival that year.In this way, the father of Kitano Warrior stayed in a sad and warm lens remnant. With the growing popularity of North Kitano, mother Sagi openly demanded 200,000 yen of pocket money per month from Kitano, and North Kitano scolded her mother for being a vampire.He was disappointed with his greedy mother, his home, his complaints, his anger and even his disappointment. But it was like the end of the movie in North Kitano, and the end came a little suddenly.After her mother's death, two remains were left to North Kitano: a letter and a passbook.The letter read: "My son, you have been debauchery since childhood, I fear you have nothing in the future … There are 10 million yuan in the passbook."And the Passbook is a deposit of up to 10 million yuan."The original mother asked him for every sum of money, she did not spend a point, all saved up.Because, she loves North Kitano more than anyone else, worried that his day's popularity will not become nothing. No one knows the pain of life more than a poor woman and mother, and behind greed is sad love. On the day of her mother's funeral, North Kitano said he wanted to tell jokes.Sad to tell jokes, formal occasions wear headgear, this is the desire of the surging heart and the silent shyness of the character between the product, like his facial paralysis of the face, half of the chilling, half of the smile naïve. But, really to the funeral, before he began to tell jokes, he could not help, broke down in tears, a few years later, he said: "When we think parents turned out so not easy, we are really mature.""We inTakeshi Kitano and Mother Smile life, perhaps not like the North Kitano, have such a poor and miserable childhood, but the vast majority of people come from a very general background, but this does not become an excuse for us to get happiness and the ideal of life." As North Kitano says, having talent is the most important and only thing a person can make himself really stand up in this world. Takeshi Kitano Young man Portrait A man who has truly seen the world, because he has seen the mountains outside the mountains, the people on the people, but will feel their own small, thus forming a kind of humility and reverence. When you understand impermanence, you don't advertise.Today's gorgeous scenery, tomorrow may be a mess. When you understand impermanence, you will not grieve.Today, the gloom is bleak, tomorrow may be full of sunshine. When you understand impermanence, get, what to like.Loss, what injury, gains and losses in the constant conversion. When you understand impermanence, everything feels normal. Discover more of North Kitano's "North Kitano: a 10 recommended good book written by Ghosts of world-class films detached from Japan."

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