Forbidden City South Court "Japan Fine Arts Tokyo Kyushu Island Museum" Special exhibition, parent-child travel to enjoy great value concessions!

Do parents who are interested in Japanese art think about where they are going for their winter vacation?From the day after tomorrow you can take the children to visit the South courtyard of the Forbidden City in Jiayi!The southern courtyard of the National Palace Museum launched a special event on parent-child tour "The most special exhibition of Fine Arts in Japan" during the winter vacation this year.From January 14 to February 12, as long as 1 parents purchase 1 full-ticket packages, they can bring free admission to 3 of the following students in the country at the same time, and the Palace South Court invites a family to enjoy the national treasure of Japan. The National Palace Museum said that during the winter holiday this year, the Palace South Court on display "Japan's Best Art-Tokyo, Kyushu Island Museum Boutique Exhibition", the scene will be displayed a variety of commonly rare Japanese classic artifacts.In order to encourage the whole family to travel together, the South Court in particular launched the "parent-child tour South Court, package discount" program. The Forbidden City pointed out that from 14th to February 12, as long as 1 parents purchase a full ticket of NT $250, they will be allowed to bring free admission to the "Japanese Art most" special exhibition with 3 students from the following countries.There are also a number of preferential activities such as groups, students and residents of Jiayi County City. Palace said that in addition to Japan's special special exhibition activities, during the winter vacation every Saturday still launched the Forbidden City afternoon tea activities, suitable for parents to participate in the experience, January 14 invited the whole family size can experience the "knot" production activities, the "knot" of the blessing to take home; 21st, the parents are invited to wear yukata robes, play a change show. Japanese Art at Finest 日本美術之最

"Japan's Best Art" special exhibition preferential scheme

Date of implementationApplicable identityPreferential SolutionsNote
106/1/14 (Sat) to 106/2/12 (Sun)Paternity1 adults with admission to 3 students from the country
  1. Children are free and adults buy a full ticket of 250 yuan (including Chinese language Guide).
  2. Chinese language guidelines for schoolchildren are at their own expense.
105/12/31 (Sat) to 106/3/5 (Sun)Group ticket Purchase (all votes 250 yuan)100 or more (inclusive), fare 80 percent (200 yuan). 500 or more (inclusive), fare 60 percent (150 yuan).
  1. Applicable to various organs and groups.
  2. Buy tickets in advance.
  3. It is a preferential scheme and cannot be refunded after ticket purchase.
  4. Contains Chinese language guides.
Students studyingPurchase of preferential visitor certificates with Student ID card (RMB 150)
  1. Contains Chinese language guides.
  2. Student ID card filed by the Ministry of Education.
Residents of Jiayi County CityAdmission is not allowed after 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the opening dayChinese language guides are subject to your own expense.
Free visit to permanent exhibition passengers holding high-speed rail holiday voucherscan also be added to the site to purchase special exhibition coupon (150 yuan including Chinese language Guide) admission.

"Japanese art most" Winter vacation activity Table

Blessed Knot • Welcome to the New Year
Date of Event106 Years January 14 (Saturday)
Time of the venue14:00, 15:00, 40 minutes each
Event ContentThe "Rope", also known as the straw Rope, which hangs on the home decoration, is one of the traditionally iconic rituals of the Japanese New Year.On New Year's Day, people are invited to create exclusive special blessing jewelry.
Event Locations1/F Children's creative centre front Square
NoteWith special exhibition ticket stub (not limited to the day), you can make an appointment at the event site, free participation, limited to 40 people per game
"Japanese bathrobe Experience" parent-child activities
Date of Event106 Years January 21 (Saturday)
Time of the venue14:00, 15:00, 40 minutes each
Event ContentWelcome parent-Child participation, learn about the intelligence of Japanese dress tailoring, and experience the fun of dress up.
Event Locations1/F Children's Creative Centre classroom

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