Three saltwater hot springs in the world

Japan Makake

Every time you mention Zhaori Hot Springs on Green Island, I believe some people will jump out and proudly saying that one of the three most rare saltwater hot springs in the world is in Taiwan Island.

Some introductions on the Internet will also write that Asahi Hot Springs are salt water hot springs that are rare in the world when seawater penetrates into the rock formations. After being heated by geothermal heat, they are gushing out under high pressure. There will be no stickiness either. This spring can be bathed but not drunk. It has the salty taste of sea water. It is quite unique. There are only three places on the earth.

In short, the three legendary saltwater hot springs are located in Green Island of the Republic of China, Kyushu of the Japan, and Sicilia, Repubblica Italiana.

Regardless of whether Green Island is subordinate to Taiwan Island, it has this kind of politically correct question (Mizou prefers the concept of four islands and eight islands, each island in the country has its own independence). In fact, the concept of the “three saltwater hot springs in the world” has been a rumor that has been circulating for many years, from the rumor of the tour guide of the team to the Internet rumor with the development of technology.

I have personally experienced saltwater hot springs, including Guishan Island, Old Jinshan Governor Hot Spring in Jinshan District in the northern part of Taiwan Island, Haori Hot Spring in Green Island, Hiranai Sea Hot Spring in Yakushima, and Hot Water Beach in North Island of the New Zealand, there are already four and a half by the calculation.

Welcome all national tourist organizations to invite me! Well, it’s okay for the extraterrestrial.

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