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How many mop does a family of four have to bring to Macau for 4 days and 3 nights?

A family of four travelling to the Macao Special Administrative Region (MACAU), not counting the money for gambling, carrying 10,000 mop is almost more than enough.According to the current mop exchange rate, it is almost 38201 yuan, the average one spent about 9550 yuan.

In which five countries can the Republic of China passport Use automatic customs clearance to avoid queuing?

Everyone traveling abroad with a pleasant mood, most afraid of the airport customs encounter queuing crowds, often a row of more than 10 minutes or even half an hour is a common thing.In fact, with the closer exchanges between our country and other countries, five countries have opened up to use automatic customs clearance services for us, as long as the prior application can easily carry the passport of the Republic of China, in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Britain and Australia, the five major countries for rapid customs clearance.

Kinmen tourism/taiwushan can drive into the Park?Pass to handle?

Care for aged 70 and older persons, people with reduced mobility, or other special need, people can follow regulations on attached documents to this Department's temporary vehicle depot clearance applications for people arriving by car on their own, appreciate the taiwushan views of the mountains.

Forbidden City South Court "Japan Fine Arts Tokyo Kyushu Island Museum" Special exhibition, parent-child travel to enjoy great value concessions!

Do parents who are interested in Japanese art think about where they are going for their winter vacation?From the day after tomorrow you can take the children to visit the South courtyard of the Forbidden City in Jiayi!The southern courtyard of the National Palace Museum launched a special event on parent-child tour "The most special exhibition of Fine Arts in Japan" during the winter vacation this year.From January 14 to February 12, as long as 1 parents purchase 1 full tickets, they can bring free admission to 3 of the following students in the country at the same time, and the Palace South Court invites a family to enjoy the national treasure of Japan.

2017 Total 6 company leave, Spring Break only 6th, total holiday Day 116 days “Republic of China 106 calendar”

According to the General administration of administration of the Executive Yuan is beginning to discuss (2017) the Administrative Organs Holiday program shows that there are currently a total of 116 days of holidays, as this year.However, there are only 6 consecutive holidays with a single holiday of more than three days, one less than today (2016), and the Spring Festival is only 6 days.