Mazu or Lianjiang?What is the historical origin of the names of Fujian?


The question of the territory of the Republic of China today is about "what is the historical origin of the change of name of Mazu in Fujian province called Lianjiang?""In fact, for the people of the island of Taiwan, Mazu's name is more accustomed than Lianjiang, but in fact Lianjiang's name is more orthodox than Mazu."

With regard to the origin of the name "Mazu", the first volume of the Lianjiang County refers to Song Taizu Jianlong, Xinghua, Fujian Province, Putian County in Shingzhou East snail village fisherman Lin wish six female silent Niang, because of her father fishing died, throw negative father corpse drifting South Pole pond, villagers feel its filial piety foot style, buried temple sacrifice, respect for " Mazu ", and with it as the name of the island, later generations for the taboo is renamed" Mazu. "

The historical origins of the use of Lianjiang and Mazu names are also documented in Lianjiang County's "politics", including:

  • September 1, 38, the National army stationed, the establishment of Mazu command, the following year set up Mazu District Hall in LongDong, the jurisdiction of the South, North Pole two township.December 15 of the same year, the establishment of Mazu Civil administration, under the jurisdiction of South Pole, North Pole, Baiken, Tung Chung, Western, floating Eagle, four 礵, Daishan and other eight district offices.
  • In July 42, the western, floating Eagle, four 礵, Daishan successively trapped in a total.On August 15 of the same year, Mazu Civil Administration was restructured into directorates, northeast Fujian province, with the first Lianjiang County government in the South Pole, Changle County governments in white dogs.
  • In March 43, the Luoyuan County government was set up in the east.
  • Republic of China, July 1, 44, directorates, northeast Fujian Province re-restructuring of the first Inspector of the Office of Agriculture, still has three counties.
  • On the July 16, 45, Mazu regions implemented field affairs, abolished the office of the first inspector of Fujian province and the county governments of Changle and Luoyuan, and the islands to which they belonged were under the jurisdiction of Lianjiang County government.
  • From 38 to 45, at the height of the civil war in the Communist Party of China, the name and jurisdiction of the magistrate's office were changed many times, and the "Lianjiang County government", which was established because of the implementation of military administration, was an expedient measure at that

As can be seen from the above, Lianjiang and Mazu are the official names of the local area, only relative to Mazu is only part of the name of some areas, the order of Lianjiang to come to a higher level (just like the rank of the Republic of China than the Taiwan Island, the Penghu Islands and other land names), That's why it's a regional feature that is both Mazu and Lianjiang (like a Taipei man who is also Taiwanese and the people of the Republic of China).

Because after the defeat of Japan in the middle of the last century, the Communist Party eroded the influence of China's civil War, the original Lianjiang County split in part, located in the sea off the island of South Pole, North Pole Island and so on for the Government of the Republic of China, located in the Chinese mainland of the Lianjiang county body is owned by the governmentTherefore, the same as the "Fujian province" on both sides of the strait, the two places also have their "Lianjiang County", for the only cross-strait partition of the county.

Only in recent years, with the trend of peace on both sides of the Taiwan Haixia, after the state of military war was lifted, the local people of Mazu also put forward the name unified known as Mazu, will not add to the troubled voice.For example, when the people of Mazu quote "Lianjiang County Zhi", they must indicate "Mazu's Lianjiang County Zhi", otherwise it will become the mainland's "Lianjiang County Zhi".But there are other voices who think that if only because the name conflicts with the mainland, so want to change their name, it is also a very cowardly performance, and the Local and God to rob the rice bowl of the tough customs do not match.

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