Warm bag, arms stove can take the plane to travel abroad?


The problem of keeping warm in winter today is about "disposable warm bags and can be repeated use of rechargeable warm bags, white Jin Hui and other warm items can take the plane to travel abroad?"」

At present, there are three kinds of warm bags commonly used in the cold winter period, including:

  1. Disposable warm bag (e.g. White Rabbit warm bag): heat generated by chemical reaction;
  2. Rechargeable warm bag (for example: Warm egg): charge by USB to generate heat through a heating line.Small meatballs like the hot water bag should actually be counted in this category;
  3. White Jin Hui (for example: Japanese PEACOCK Peacock brand white Jin Hui, ZIPPO Japanese original white Jin Hui): By burning kerosene fuel (e.g. smoked essential oil) fever,.

Disposable warm bag: A disposable heating product made of iron powder and salt.As long as it is unopened, a small amount of checked baggage is generally not too big a problem.However, if you put it in your coat pocket after opening, or if you are unopened in your carry-on baggage, you will generally be taken out to ask for an inspection.But lost or not lost, can carry on the machine, on the end to see the national Airport security regulations, can not be unified conclusion, but in theory did not violate the relevant flight regulations.

Rechargeable warm bag: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so not checked, must be carried or collected in hand-held baggage.

Baijinghui Furnace: Due to the use of fuel as fuel, whether placed in checked baggage or carry-on baggage is not possible, even if there is no infusion of fuel in the furnace, but the more stringent flight safety inspection is now, there is a great possibility of being banned.We suggest that it is best not to try to carry the break.

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