How to dodge a group of bats during wild cave exploration?

photo of man sitting on a cave

A question that is often encountered when exploring sea caves, mountain trails, and caves is about “how should I dodge a group of bats when I am exploring a wild cave?”

If you encounter a group of bats flying towards you from a distance in the wild, or even actively disturbing the bat’s residence and flying around wildly, the only thing we can do at this time is to stand still! It is best to stand still against the wall.

This is because although bats have bad eyes, they are well known to have a biological ultrasonic radar detection system (you should have seen Pokémon if you haven’t read biology textbooks), so it’s better to stand still, or even stand still close to boulders and walls. , Let the bats take the initiative to avoid us.

Of course, although standing still in the middle of the road is just as effective, but it is unavoidable that you may be left out. Therefore, it is best to stay close to the natural behemoths and avoid the path of the bats.

Although it is simple to say, but in fact, if there is no relevant coping experience, it is very likely to hide in Tibet, which will increase the chance of bats. Therefore, the most important one of the safety rules in the wild is to keep calm when facing danger!

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