Which means of transportation can I travel to the Penghu Islands?


Today’s domestic travel question is about “Which means of transportation can take us to the Penghu Islands?”

There are two kinds of means of transportation from Taiwan to Penghu, one is an airplane and the other is a fast ferry.

The airlines, including “Lirong Airlines“, “Huaxin Airlines” and “Far East Airline“, can provide convenient and fast domestic segments from Taipei “Songshan Airport”, “Taichung Airport” and “Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport”. Magong Airport (Airport Code: MZG, also known as Penghu Airport).

In addition, “Da An Air” can also fly directly from Kaohsiung Airport to the “Seven US Airport” and “Wangan Airport” in the Penghu Islands. It is only a small number of flights and it is necessary to make more appointments in advance. In addition, in order to maintain the rights and interests of the outlying islands, the airlines only open 4 places for each flight reservation (may be related to government subsidies)

If you want to take a boat, you can also drive to Chiayi Buggy Port and take a marine transport boat to Penghu.


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