Banana fruit to eat too much influence health?Take 6 bananas can be fatal at a time?

Earlier this year, as the price of bananas after at one point soared to nearly 100, many domestic agricultural land rush to plant banana's legacy is now overcapacity, forcing the Government and military moves require brothers eating bananas, and introduced a variety of banana activity, how exciting banana bought gas.

Banana was once Taiwan's rich banana Kingdom in name, is a taste with a delicate fragrance, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, fine fruit, more is that many athletes in the race for nutritional supplements and heat preference.But bananas and contains a wealth of potassium ions, but it was likely to make the body produces symptoms in severe cases even loss of life.

According to the BBC report, the British actor and the playwright Carl.Pilkington (Karl Pilkington) to the rest of the cast of friends talking about bananas “little knowledge”, he stressed: “If you eat more than 6 bananas may be killed!”He had put on 6 pieces of banana in a bowl, eating more than 7 can be dangerous due to excessive intake of “k”.

In this regard, the British media London nutritionists Collins (Catherine Collins) to defend the banana decrypted, she said, “bananas are in fact less dangerous to human beings is good for.」

She said that if excessive intake of potassium, which may lead to arrhythmia, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea and other symptoms.If a weight eating lots of bananas, and may even cause the heart to stop (for example, inhalation of potassium chloride), but a healthy person says, eat bananas to eat, fatal cardiac arrest, may have to take out 400 bananas would have such a result.

Collins points out that adults need daily intake around 3500 mg of potassium, calculates with a 150 g of bananas, which is 450 milligrams potassium, so adults should eat no more than 7.5 bananas a day.

In particular, she reminded, of course, not everyone can eat it unscrupulous, particularly in people with poor renal function and renal dialysis patients should avoid eating bananas, because they cannot easily exclude excess minerals.

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