Nine Elections in the Republic of China

Nine types of “local public office elections” in the Republic of China. There is an open election every 4 years. The following nine types of administrative officers will be elected.

  1. mayor,
  2. municipal councilors,
  3. county (city) mayor,
  4. County (city) councilors,
  5. Township (town, city) mayor,
  6. Township (town, city) representatives,
  7. The head of the mountain aboriginal district of the municipality directly under the Central Government,
  8. Representatives of mountain aborigines in municipalities directly under the Central Government and
  9. Village (li) head.

In fact, not everyone needs to cast 9 votes. For example, the 7th and 8th categories only need to vote for the Austronesian people (also known as aborigines) in Taiwan.

The elections for the president, vice president, and legislators of the Republic of China were held separately when Chen Shui-bian was in power, and policies were specially revised.

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