Some people exercise headaches, vomiting because knowledge of these 7 mistakes

Some dizziness or headaches after exercise physiological phenomenon, mild dizziness, severe symptoms are severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, or fainting to the ground.In fact, this is a common pathological phenomena in sports.Causes can be summarized as follows:

First, no warm up before exercise.

If not ready before exercise activity, cardiorespiratory function not fully mobilized, especially the systemic blood circulation not reaching high levels, nutrients, oxygen and cannot supply needs in a timely manner, more sensitive to the lack of nutrients in the cerebral cortex, and insufficient supply are often dizziness or headache.

The second, and lack of exercise.

Some people are lack of exercise, poor lung function, normal activities relatively minor.If you suddenly engage in strenuous exercise, so much activity, the function of each organ of the body cannot meet the demands of strenuous exercise, mental tension caused dizziness or headache.

Third, too much exercise.

Time is too long, exercise that bed, dresses especially the weather is too cold or too few, too much consumption of energy in the body, blood sugar levels down sharply when the brain when the skin lacks enough blood sugar, dizziness or headaches occur.

Finally, poor technique.

Some sports such as running technique that bed, landing on two feet too fast, but also some heel, or the ground is too hard, shook the brain, causing dizziness or headache.

Finally, irregular breathing.

Breathing during exercise that bed, shallow breathing, dizziness or headaches caused by the insufficient supply of oxygen in the body.

Six, alternating hot and cold quickly.

When the weather is hot and into an air-conditioned room after strenuous exercise or cold water shower, also headache due to a cold.

Seven, the original conditions.

Neurasthenia, high blood pressure, anemia, chronic rhinitis, chronic otitis media, and the disease itself has some symptoms of dizziness, motion dizziness may be more severe.This required according to their physical condition, appropriate grasp the amount of exercise and active treatment of the primary disease.

Accurate motion teaching

  1. Reasonable to master time and volume of time to rest after fatigue.
  2. When it is too cold to wear appropriate clothing when the weather is too hot to avoid movement immediately after entering the air-conditioned room.
  3. When you exercise, eat foods containing sugar, increase the body's heat supply.
  4. When breathing deep, powerful, breathing rhythm and movement to coordinate and cooperate, let the body breathe in oxygen.
  5. Strengthen physical exercise.

In General, the vast majority of headaches are benign headache after exercise, there is no other neurological diseases, and headache after headache associated with the movement include (Exertional headache), increased intracranial pressure, causing sinus expansion may be predisposing factors, Movement caused by hyperventilation with hypocapnia is the direct cause of headaches.Although this is not common, but if you attack from time to time, there is still need to guard against the disease.There have been reports that some primary brain tumors, metastatic tumors, subarachnoid hemorrhage, chromaffin cell tumor and coarctation after repair of aortic arch hypoplasia may occasionally produce headache.

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