2017 Total 6 company leave, Spring Break only 6th, total holiday Day 116 days “Republic of China 106 calendar”

According to the General administration of administration of the Executive Yuan is beginning to discuss (2017) the Administrative Organs Holiday program shows that there are currently a total of 116 days of holidays, as this year.However, there are only 6 consecutive holidays with a single holiday of more than three days, one less than today (2016), and the Spring Festival is only 6 days.

Officials of the general administration of personnel said that according to the relevant provisions of the current day of remembrance and the implementation of the festival, the longest holiday next year is the Spring Festival, with 6 days, and 4 days of even leave is 228, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day.

As the current Legislative Yuan will be adopted on the third reading of the draft amendment to the Rauki law is still in the corner of the parties, coupled with the new government governance often play hairpin bend, if there are any changes in the holiday planning next year, the problem news will be updated at any time to supplement the article.If the 7-day holiday is resumed next year, plus the May Day Labour Day, the number of days of labour leave will increase to 124 days, or even 8 more days of leave than civil servants.

List of 106 years of Memorial Day and holiday holidays of government administrative organs

Anniversaries & amp; festivalsDateHoliday days
Founding AnniversaryDecember 31 to January 2 (Saturday to Monday)3 days
Lunar New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival holidaysJanuary 27 to February 1 (Friday to Wednesday)6 days
Anniversary of PeaceFebruary 25 to February 28 (Saturday to Tuesday)4 days
Children’s Day and National Tomb Sweeping festival (Ching Ming Festival)April 1 to April 4 (Saturday to Tuesday)4 days
 Dragon boat festivalMay 27 to May 30 (Saturday to Tuesday)4 days
 National day October 7 to October 10 (Saturday to Tuesday)4 days

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