Eat bananas 15 benefits of this fruit for good health!

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Recent banana comes as rich, low prices, and rich in nutrients, is quite worth eating fruit.But you know eat banana fruit do for health what are the benefits?

Bananas contain three natural sugars in itself, sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, vitamins and minerals.According to academic studies have shown that two bananas provide enough energy for 90 minutes of vigorous exercise, which is many world-known athletes in the game will choose the banana as a supplemental heat in an instant why.And, according to the us food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement has allowed industry promotional bananas “in reducing high blood pressure” and “stroke” opportunities.

However, the banana will not only provide energy, bananas can also help us overcome or heal symptoms of many diseases and health conditions, including:

  1. Reduces depression: a recent survey found that people who suffer from depression, after eating bananas, feel good!Because bananas contain amino acids, are converted into serum, and relaxation, improve mood.
  2. Reducing anaemia: banana iron content is high, can stimulate hemoglobin in the blood.
  3. Reducing high blood pressure: banana contains very high amounts of potassium, but low salt, the ideal is to lower blood pressure.United States food and Drug Administration announced earlier, allowed the banana industry propaganda bananas can reduce the chance of high blood pressure and stroke.
  4. Improve mental: Twickenha has 200 students in the UK, in order to enhance brain power to help test, the start of the semester, at breakfast, breaks and lunch, eat a banana.Studies have shown that potassium-rich bananas, students can improve their concentration, reading to them help.
  5. Reducing constipation: banana fibers are high, normal activities can help respond to the stomach!Elimination of constipation without taking laxatives.
  6. Help a hangover: banana milk shake with honey in real time hangover.Banana can loose stomach and sugar raise blood sugar levels, milkshake taste of water soothes the spirit and make carbon compounds.
  7. Reduce the lethargic in the morning: After breakfast before lunch, eat a small amount of banana can keep the blood sugar level.
  8. Detumescence anti-inflammatory: wipe the affected area with a banana skin, swollen back inflammation.
  9. Reduce the tension: the high vitamin b content of bananas to help express slow nervous system.
  10. Reduce obesity: Austrian School of Psychology found that stressful work, so that employees will be constantly eating chocolate and potato chips to express their temper.Researchers study of 5,000 hospital patients, obese, are usually functional under great pressure of work.Study concludes that the desire to avoid drawing attention to express their temper food, it should be every two hours to eat foods high in carbohydrates to lower blood sugar levels in the body.
  11. Reduce stomach ulcers: the banana is regulate gastrointestinal disorder eating, banana fiber and has a soft and smooth.For long-term patients, bananas are only eating undercooked food, without adverse effects.Bananas can also reduce pain and acid reflux and.
  12. Help to quit smoking: bananas can help to give up smoking.Bananas contain vitamin B6 and B12, potassium and magnesium, can recover quit smoking without nicotine stimulating effects.
  13. Reduce stress: bananas contain potassium, can regulate heartbeat to normalization, which will successfully send oxygen to the brain.When when subjected to stress, we will speed up the metabolism, which makes potassium levels drop.High potassium content of bananas, just add.
  14. Reduce stroke risk: according to the medical journal of the The New Eng LAN d Journal of Medicine study, eating bananas for a long time, greatly reducing the chance of death from stroke rate 40%.
  15. Reduce eye fatigue: in addition, bananas contain lots of Hu Luosu.When the body lacks the substance, eye pain, dryness, eyeballs, loss-free little gods, eating bananas can not only alleviate their symptoms can also be alleviated to a certain extent, eye fatigue, avoid premature aging!

Bananas can be the treatment of many diseases.If you like apples better than bananas four times times more protein, carbohydrates, three times more than twice times times more phosphorus, five times times more vitamin a and iron, twice times more vitamins and minerals.Bananas are also rich in potassium, is the most beneficial foods.Therefore, words and sentences that should be replaced by “a banana a day keeps the doctor away I.”Seems to be too much.

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