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Doctor of Philosophy's cat Gift

The year I wrote my doctoral thesis, I shared a house with a Canadian classmate who had a cat named Monster.

Monster has to eat and drink, but still love hunting, not why, just to prove that it can do.

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning, an eye, will see the half-dead bird, in front of the nose struggle.

Sometimes it's a semi-live snake, sometimes a rabbit, sometimes a squirrel or a smaller mouse.

Not why, just to prove it.

I have no doubt that monster will one day give me a bloody horse's head, as it did in The Godfather's movie.

Once, my roommate came home for Christmas and entrusted me with the monster.There is a big snow, snow deep 80cm,monster but all night did not go home, the next morning, I shouted in the streets:

Monster, Monster, Monster, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty …

While shouting and shaking.I thought you were about to show up, after you send me anything, I will accept it.

I shouted in the ice and snow all morning, lost the meaning of life to turn home, as soon as I came home to see him sitting gracefully on the sofa, looking out of the window, the sight did not look at me.I immediately believed a rumor about cats: "The only reason cats are such noble hunters, willing to be with humans, is that they are waiting for their owners to die and eat a free meal."」

Author: Lin from one, Ph. Kung, University of Iowa, is currently a professor at the University of the Arts in Taipei and professor and vice President of National Cheng University.This article, "Cat Gifts," is a story that Professor Lin has shared with the hunter and prey of a cat "monster" during his studies abroad on Facebook.

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