Travelling by air to find out what to do with the damage to the trunk of checked baggage?


The question @issue today's trip is about what to do if you find that the trunk of your checked baggage is broken when you travel by air?

When traveling by air, deliver your beloved suitcase to the airport counter, and when we fly to the destination airport, there is actually a very important action to do, which is to "check the trunk."

Do not silly to see the luggage turntable on the appearance of their own luggage, just a brain grip on the run to get off.Because your suitcase is likely to be damaged during transport due to various accidents such as human or mechanical problems.

I had a similar incident once, and when I left with my suitcase, I found out at the hotel that I had one less lock.Later, while preparing to fly back to Taiwan, he ran to the counter to inquire.Find is of course not to find, but the airport ground handling people are very good, directly send me a.

In the case of China Airlines, for example, their co-commissioned manufacturers can collect, repair suitcases, or provide free services in advance to replace suitcases.Therefore, if you find that your suitcase has been damaged, please remember to file a declaration at the baggage service counter in the first place directly to the immigration area (before customs), followed by the service staff of China Airlines to provide follow-up maintenance or change to a new suitcase services assistance.

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