How many pieces of hand luggage can China Airlines carry on board?

中華航空 China Airlines

The question @issue travelling abroad today is about how many pieces of hand luggage can I carry on board when I fly with China Airlines?

In general, hand baggage restrictions that can be carried on board, in addition to the relatively special requirements of low-cost airlines (cheap airlines), the Hand Carry on Luggage/baggage, which can be carried on board by traditional nationality Airlines, is in fact about the same.

In the view of China Airlines, every passenger, regardless of any cabin, enjoys free hand luggage service, bearing in mind that hand luggage carried to the cabin must be placed under the seat or in a luggage locker.

The volume of each piece of hand luggage, including wheels, handles and side bags, is not more than 56x36x23 cm (22x14x9 inch) and must not exceed 7 kg in length × width × high size.

No, actually. In addition to a standard piece of hand baggage, China Airlines allows every passenger to bring a personal item on board free of charge.

Personal effects include, but are not limited to: handbags, wallets, light cameras, telescopes, appropriate duty-free items, umbrella, laptops, bottles and food required by the baby during the voyage, readings in the voyage and food consumed on board.

In addition, for special items such as "walking Sticks (crutches), assistive devices, prosthetic limbs, medical equipment and accessories, child safety seats, baby baskets, strollers and small musical instruments", passengers can make requests to the airline to carry them to the cabin due to such factors as the need for special care and unsuitable shipment.However, if the special items are too large to be placed in the upper locker, the airline will handle the baggage in a placeholder and may need to purchase an additional ticket to cover the cost of using the seat.

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