Said Wen Jie Zi/desktop Taiwanese "Mr long arch (PULONG total)" what does it mean?

Today's problem is that the desktop of Taiwanese, "Mr long arch (PULONG total)" what does it mean?》

Sometimes you might hear people say to you, "Mr long arch (PULONG total)" the word, but don't jump too early, thinking it was a kind used, "Mr long arch (PULONG total)" is an inelegant curse words.

"Mr long arch (PULONG win)" also known as a planula Gong (Phu-Long-Kong), it was also writing floating two light, meaning a person do something careless, mindless, work is not stable, idle along people.Coarsely says, is turn out the call you "stupid erlengzi", the vernacular is "stupid".

"Mr long arch (PULONG total)" can be used as a separate Word, can tell with the sentence, for example: every day he can come up with some common dragons thing out!

"Mr long arch (PULONG total)" similar terminology are "B" and "suck", "less coffee", "28 cents every day", "250", and so on.

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