2018 New Years Day the first sunrise on which side of Taiwan rises?

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Today’s question is about the question of the most people asking about tourism at the beginning of each year: “Which side of the first sunrise in Taiwan rose in 2018?”

According to the Taipei City Planetarium, when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon, when the night sky starts to brighten from the dark, it is the time when the astronomical dawn appears.Taipei City Planetarium predicts that on New Year’s Day in 2018, Taizhong Nanhu Mountain elevation 3,740 meters, will appear at 5:07 49.5 seconds of Dawn, is the earliest place in the country to appear dawn.

In addition, the ground is the first of the island’s leading rock, at 5:12 55.4 seconds will appear in the initial dawn, if it is on Taiwan Island, then to Taidong County three Sendai, the dawn at 5:15 12.1 seconds will appear.

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