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How to distinguish the size of accident liability when there is a traffic accident at the intersection of the fork?

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Today, the @issue of road traffic is about "traffic accidents at the intersection of intersections, how to distinguish the size of accident liability?" 」

The distinction of responsibility for traffic accidents should be based on the size of road traffic safety rules, according to Regulation 102th

  1. When a car travels best friend a fork in the road, it should abide by the direction of the light sign or the command of the traffic conductor, and when the command of the traffic conductor and the light number are used, the command of the traffic commanding officer shall prevail.
  2. A fork in the road where there is no sign or log failure without the command of a traffic conductor:
    • Feeder lanes should be suspended to allow trunk lanes to advance.
    • No logo, marking or sign division of dry, Feeder road, less lane should be suspended to let the multi-lane first.
    • The number of lanes is calculated to enter the lane of the intersection, including the fast lane, the slow lane, the left and right lane, the special lane of the vehicle type, the locomotive priority road and the transfer lane.
    • However, as indicated in circular No. 0990027472 of the Ministry of Transport of April 22, 99, the calculation of the number of lanes is based on the actual lane of the driver's driving direction into the fork in the road, rather than on the two-way lane of the roads as the calculation range.
    • When the number of lanes is the same, the turning car should be suspended for direct driving, and the same for direct driving or turning cars, the left side of the car should be suspended to allow the right side of the car first.
    • When traffic congestion, the two-way vehicle with the other side should be suspended in front of the stop line for mutual comity, interactive rotation.

In addition, in the event of a traffic accident, if the main road car is still far from the junction, the road car has entered the junction only by the trunk road car collision, whether the responsibility is after entering the junction of the main road car larger?

According to the No. 06726 letter of the Highways Department of the Ministry of Transport on the August 21, 69, the feeder road is required to suspend the priority passage of vehicles on the main road, and when it is safe, it is necessary to turn into the main road or go straight through the main road, and no trunk road is 50 or 100 meters away from the intersection. , the road car can be exempted from its preferential access provisions.

As a result, the road car collided with the trunk truck, still not allowed to enter the junction because of the their precursors, and claimed responsibility to enter the junction of the trunk road car.

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