and transport car rental Wish and Sienta 7-seater car who is larger and more spacious?

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The question of traveling on the island of Taiwan today is about "and shipping car rental Wish and Sienta 7-seater car who is larger and more spacious?""If you family a person or a school classmate or a company colleague who wants to rent a car for a self-driving getaway, you can refer to this article."

and car rental is Taiwan's top three car rental platform (already very modest), and even with the global car rental platform Rentalcars, to provide foreigners to visit Taiwan can be simply rent to the walking tools.

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If the number of trips between five and seven people, coupled with a rent B and a off-site bus service, only Toyota Wish and Toyota Sienta these two seven-seater car can choose, of which Sienta is Wish's successor car species, So normally to buy a newer car is always a less problematic problem.For example, the glass area of Sienta is larger than that of Wish, and increasing the field of view is also equivalent to increasing the safety of driving.

But in fact, if you want to compare the size of the car, it is not much related to the old and new car.So after actually comparing the in-car space of two cars, it is concluded that Wish's in-car space (including suitcase space) will be larger than Sienta.

The seat width of the second row, if left and right each sitting an adult, two people between the space, Wish will have 33 centimeters, Sienta only 28 cm.The Wish in the third row is 21 centimeters and the Sienta is only 14 centimeters.

The knee space of the second row of seats, the Wish is 26 centimeters, and the Sienta is 25 centimeters.The knee space of the third row of seats, Wish is 21 cm, Sienta is only 14 cm.

You can see it from here. Wish's second row of seats is surplus in terms of spatial utilization compared to Sienta.As for the third row of seats, although the Wish seems to be larger than the Sienta, but Wish seat is lower, adults sitting over there will be a bit of a choking feeling.Instead Sienta because of the high space in the car, so the seat height can support the thighs, for the long legs of the person is better to sit (want to open the Wish words better have a short leg).

As for the luggage space in the rear trunk, if the seat is properly placed, the Sienta can be placed about two and a half (?), if you put down a seat in the third row, you can overlap at least three checked suitcases, plus a check-in box, which is quite enough.and Wish in the normal state of the seat, the rear compartment space because there is no compartment lining on both sides, so it will be larger than the Sienta, placed to three boarding boxes is not a problem, but also can be stuffed two or three soft bags.

So if it is six people traveling, I suggest that you can rent Wish will be easier to take a seat than Sienta, but if only five people want to rent seven people car, then I suggest that you can start from Sienta.

In fact, a large number of people also have to take into account the problem of luggage space, if it is the same family, you can also share one or two suitcases on the good.But if the students go out together, but also the mixed words of men and women, basically a person a suitcase, that car inside the space will definitely explode directly.Usually my advice is to find a way to rent a nine-seater car if the number of people is below six, and the seven-seater car can still be stuffed with a lot of luggage at the expense of a third row of seats.If really because a rent B also so do not rent this cold car money, had to call a few people only use the back backpack with luggage.

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