Inbound Epidemic Prevention!Simple classification of animal and plant product control


The recent spread of African swine fever and Japanese swine fever in mainland China has led China to strengthen its advocacy to ban the carrying of pork and its processed products into the country, and to strengthen animal and plant epidemic prevention work in the Customs channel and increase the amount of punishment.However, as early as December 25, 95, the Executive Yuan has sent a letter to the Agriculture Committee requesting that in order to safeguard the health of the people, protect the domestic ecology and the needs of epidemic prevention and quarantine, it is necessary to restrict inbound passengers from carrying animals and plants and their products on the basis of January 1, 96, and to do so in accordance with the instructions.

The following three key points are mainly highlighted in the official letter “No. No. 0950094817 of the Court”, which includes:

  • Requests the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Transport to co-ordinate the broadcasting of inbound airlines on board the aircraft and to ask the aircrew to inform inbound passengers that those carrying flora and fauna and their products should complete the customs declaration form and inspect the customs clearance through the red Line counter.
  • The Agricultural committee of the hospital is requested to coordinate the Taoyuan International Airport Air Station and, without affecting the movement of passengers, to set up abandoned boxes for agricultural and livestock products, and to actively dispose of the animals and plants and their products brought in by the inbound passengers.
  • The Agricultural committee of the hospital is requested to move the quarantine operation counter to the vicinity of customs clearance cabinets to facilitate the implementation and coordination of quarantine and preventive operations and customs inspection.In order to enhance the effectiveness of implementation, the Ministry of Finance is requested to coordinate customs officers with the quarantine detection Dog team of the animal and plant epidemic prevention and Quarantine Bureau, and to jointly carry out the verification of the carrying of animals and plants and their products by inbound passengers at the Customs clearance Office and the Customs Inspection cabinets

In addition, an official document providing a list of animals and plants and their products to control inbound passengers can be used to identify, on a large scale, which animal and plant products are prohibited from carrying entry, and passengers can also use them to quickly check the availability of related products in their carry-on or checked baggage, including:

  • Living animals and their products.
    • Exclusions: dogs, cats, rabbits and animal products that comply with the regulations for the prevention and control of animal infectious diseases.
    • After drying, processing modulation of aquatic products.
  • Living plants and their fresh products.
    • Exclusions: Those who comply with the provisions of the phytosanitary Law on plant epidemic prevention.
  • Fresh fruit.

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