How many pieces of hand luggage can evergreen Airways carry on board?


The question @issue travelling abroad today is about how many pieces of hand luggage can I carry on board when I fly on EVA Air's airliner?

In general, hand baggage restrictions that can be carried on board, in addition to the relatively special requirements of low-cost airlines (cheap airlines), the Hand Carry on Luggage/baggage, which can be carried on board by traditional nationality Airlines, is in fact about the same.

In EverGreen Airline, every passenger is entitled to free hand luggage, regardless of any cabin, but passengers travelling in the royal seal, Laurel and business class can carry two pieces of hand luggage.Whether first class, business class or economy class, it is important to note that hand baggage carried to the cabin must be placed under the seat or in the luggage locker.

The volume of each piece of hand luggage, including wheels, handles and side bags, is not more than 23x36x56 cm (9x14x22 inch) and must not exceed 7 kg (15 lbs) in length × width × high size.

No, actually. In addition to the standard piece of hand luggage (first class, business class is two pieces), Evergreen Airways also allows each passenger to carry a personal item on board free of charge.Personal items include, but are not limited to: personal computers, personal bags, small backpacks, briefcase, camera bags, rain gear (umbrellas or raincoats) or a limited amount of duty-free items.

The carrying of personal belongings is subject to the volume specification of Evergreen Airways, and each length x Width x height is based on the principle of 40x30x10 cm (16x12x4 inch), and the sum size of length and width must not exceed 80 cm (32 inch).

In addition, for "small musical instruments, fragile products (must be properly packed in advance), walking sticks (crutches), assistive devices, prosthetic limbs, medical equipment and accessories, child safety seats, baby sleeping baskets, strollers and babies need diapers, bottles, baby food and other on-board necessities (within 5 kg), Special items such as idols or urn "may make a request to the airline to carry them to the cabin due to such factors as the need for special care and unsuitable shipment of the goods.

However, if the special items are too large to be placed in the upper locker, the airline will handle the baggage in a placeholder and may need to purchase an additional ticket to cover the cost of using the seat.One of the more special is that if the instrument is transported in the form of a placeholder baggage, it can be higher than the back of the chair.

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