Kaohsiung Big Far Hundred, Sogo department store anniversary, strong play discount suction and buy gas

Special Deal

Kaohsiung Grand far centenary yesterday 25th in the lively drumbeat and the roaring of the crowd opened, for the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of 1.1 billion yuan performance target; Kaohsiung Sogo department Store anniversary will also be on the stage from November 3, the performance target is set at 353 million yuan. Kaohsiung Far East Department Store Co., Ltd. (referred to as the first day of the anniversary special painting "Hundred people praise delicious food" hundred yuan food coupons to give back to the early bird customers, the morning door is packed with crowds of people, especially cosmetics debut 4th exclusive special offer group charm, there is a public grab 67 percent of the Estee LAUDER No.1 Super Essence Fever group.In addition to the Taiwan's lowest gift of a single pen 2000 yuan to send 200 yuan, but also with 14 big bank credit card full installment to enjoy 5% value feedback, attracting many people queuing up to buy. Mao, a large store chief, said that this year's anniversary of the strong brand lineup and high-quality product portfolio, so that this year's anniversary performance target to see 1.1 billion yuan. Kaohsiung Sogo Department Store 22 anniversary activities will also be officially launched on November 3, a big sacrifice of thousands of events, feedback rate of up to 22%, the store yesterday at a press conference said that this year's anniversary activities set the performance target of 353 million yuan, slightly higher than last year. Another Kaohsiung Sogo yesterday and invited to win the 2017 World Cup siphon coffee Contest champion, is also coffee LOVER ' s planet brand director Miss Yang Yixi personally at the scene, performing with the latest technology in Japan Light heat siphon method to cook coffee, so that the guests in the dining room to call a good happy.

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